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Director: Roxanna Dunlop

Roxanna Dunlop is a director, producer and actor based in Los Angeles, California. With two short films under her belt, and a multitude of projects underway, Roxanna is fiercely devoted to telling stories through what she believes to be the most powerful art form –  film.

Producer: Arden Grier

Based out of Los Angeles, and questioning it daily, Arden finds herself drinking cheap California wine as she mulls over other people's next great ideas, and how she can exploit them. In 2017, she launched Light Layer Productions with her sister, Roxanna Dunlop. Together, they bring women's stories to life with a focus of hiring women behind the lens. With a knack for telling people what to do, she enjoys the boss' chair best. 

Writer: Kate Duffy

Kate Duffy is a SAG-AFTRA/AEA /WGA Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and producer. An alumnus of Chicago’s Second City, Kate has performed regularly on Jimmy Kimmel Live and has won multiple awards in independent features and television pilots. She has also sold multiple original scripts including How did We Get Here to Universal TV and is currently in development with Mar Vista Entertainment for a comedy about women in bottle service.